About Us

Svistun Construction is a family-owned construction company that provides design, drafting, construction, and consulting services for residential projects in the Sacramento Valley area. Anatoliy Svistun, the owner and founder of the company, built the firm on three simple principles. Dependable service, quality products and a hassle free process. We use the latest tools and technologies to provide you with innovative designs and solid construction techniques that translate into beautiful and reliable buildings that return the most value on your investment.

We employ BIM (Building Information Model) to design, analyze and document your building plans. Doing so helps us to create your building design quickly, before spending any resources on materials and labor. Employing this technology lets us provide you with site impact studies, realistic renderings and detailed construction documents that will help you to make good design choices and build a beautiful, robust and functional building.

Moreover, we strive to construct our buildings from eco-friendly building materials and construction methods where possible. We use energy efficient building equipment, LED lighting, high efficiency windows and other eco-friendly materials. We also recycle construction waste whenever possible. As such, your home will be energy efficient, healthier and more environmentally friendly.