Design and Drafting Services


Designing a building is a collaborative process between you and the designer. As as your designer our responsibility is to understand your building’s needs and requirements. Then we work them into a building design meets your needs while adhering to building codes and optimizing the building for your site. At this phase of the project, we will be asking you many questions about your building needs and preferences. This information will be used to design a building that best fits your needs. We will employ 2D and 3D drawings to aid our collaborations. We will be incorporating your feedback throughout this phase. This will help us produce a final design that best satisfies your building’s needs.


In addition to 2D and 3D drawings we offer photorealistic rendering of your project and its soundings. This can be useful if you are making a presentation to your clients, customers or other project stakeholders. It can also help you visualise and make changes as necessary, to a home’s design before any groundwork is done. 3D drawings can also be allow for realtors that want to list the house before its completion.


Depending on the complexity of your home design and the characteristics of your site, one or more engineering disciplines such as structural, mechanical, civil, etc. may need to review the design of your building. While we do not provide these services ourselves, we can recommend several licensed engineers with whom we have a good standing relationship. If you have a licensed engineer you would prefer to use, we would be happy to work with them as well.


Drafting construction documents is usually the final phase of the design process. Once the building design is complete and it complies with all governing building codes, it works well with the site where it will be built at and you are satisfied with its design and functionality we will begin the next phase. This phase involves preparing documents which will be submitted to your building department to obtain permits and be used for the construction of your home. Once we complete the plans, they will be delivered to you in pdf format. This way you can print them and share the plans with your contractors as needed.


The State of California requires CF-1R (Title-24 energy compliance calculation) and mandatory measures summary with every new construction and addition/alteration project. We offer to provide these documents to our clients along the plans we design and also as a stand alone service. If you have a low-rise residential project that requires Title-24 calculations please visit this page for more information.